About Toast Education

Our mission is to educate young adults so they feel confident with money management.

Toast stands for Teaching Online And Studying Together. The concept stems from school curriculums lacking in education surrounding financial literacy and giving young people the freedom and confidence to manage their own money as they get older. The concepts of tax, saving, earning, bank accounts and the different options relating to these topics are barely covered in depth during a child’s school career. We aim to fill this gap. 

Meet the Team

Olivia Bedford

Educator + Co-founder

Olivia graduated from The University of
Cape Town with taxation honours, Business
Science Finance and Accounting. She has
since left the corporate world in the UK to
impart her knowledge as a freelance tutor and
educator. Olivia is the only educator and runs
all the courses and writes all course content.
She has a full DBS Certification.

Victoria Bakos

Digital Designer + Co-founder

Victoria works in web design, marketing
and ecommerce. She is responsible for all
digital designs, sign-ups and ensures
that you recieve all content relating to the
courses you are enrolled on.

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