Frequently Asked Questions

We accept payment via PayPal and Stripe. 

Our Financial Literacy Course costs £20. We also have a handful of free courses.

Our Financial Literacy Course has 5 hours of on-demand video content. You choose the pace at which you learn. We suggest tackling one module per week so you can make sure you understand everything in detail before moving onto the next!

Unfortunately at this stage we are unable to provide offline content. Hopefully this feature will be available in the near future!

We have created content for ages 13 – 18. Although our course content is based on UK systems and banks in mind, we have created it in such a way which can be easily applied to other countries. If you have any questions whether this is suitable for you, please email us 

Yes! We will provide a course completion certificate.

We offer 24/7 support, additional help direct from Olivia, our tutor. We highly encourage students to act on their knowledge and kick start their money matters as soon as they have the tools they need. 

Olivia has hand-picked relevant subject topics that are essential to learn before making your way into adulthood. You will be building upon knowledge with each module that you complete, so that by the end of the course you have a wealth of information and tools to be able to have a healthy financial life!

All that’s required is an internet connection and a computer or tablet. Easy! 

We also conduct our courses in English so we highly recommend you are home language English or fluent.